The Alchemists Spell – Makes Something for Everyone

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After two years on the gaming market, PlayTech’s Alchemists Spell online slots is still mesmerizing thousands of players. These days, a book with the name “Alchemist” in it has taken the world by storm and alchemy as a discipline has bewildered many for centuries. But PlayTech understands the value of simplicity.

This slot game is offered under the same cloak of modesty, and like other releases from this game developer, there is much to be gained by playing it.

This designer seems to pride itself on opportunities to win – and they do not disappoint. There are 243 number of combinations that players will anticipate with each spin of the reels, which play out on five reels along three rows. And like PlayTech’s Sweet Party, there are no standard payout lines.

In this tomb-like setting, the screen is emblazoned with red precious crystals, bars of silver, ancient texts, cryptic scrolls, and chemist equipment. These are the icons that provide the biggest wins. There are also the 9 through the Ace that account for prizes of lesser, but still worthy, values.

How to Play:
This gift of a game comes with scatters and wilds. The scatter is activated by at least three crystals and as many as five anywhere on the reel surfaces. The reward begins at ten complimentary games, and goes up to twenty. These spins are incrementally awarded based on how many of the crystals appear. Three of them deliver ten games, four will grant 15, and five will get you 20. An added bonus to this game is the multiplier, which will compound each win.

The bronze, silver, and gold bars will enumerate the winnings if they appear on the required reel. Two, three, or five times is their respective multiples to the winnings. These compounds correlate to the reel number on which they must fall. The greatest number of winnings is 30x the best, an amount that can be s accomplished by three wild images appearing in the same row. The alchemist himself pays the most of all the wilds, totalling a mind-blowing five-thousand credits payout. This requires takes five appearances across the reels.

Betting Options and Wins
Thirty is the necessary wager to move the reels. The reason is that there are simply so many ways to win, anything less would not make sense. Credit values top at €25, beginning at 1 cent — with the possibility of €750.00 being the highest available wager. It will take 30 cents to engage all 243 lines of payout, one credit per line Autoplay is available, as well as a paytable to see your winning opportunities. The biggest payout can reach 125,000! The return is an estimated 96 percent which should be enough to motivate any slot gamer.

A slot game like The Alchemists Spell, with so many different winning combinations just waiting to be triggered, should never be passed on. It has an ease of play and is visually entertaining. It’s a win-win.

Sweet Party online slot – Life doesn’t get much sweeter

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It seems online gaming developer PlayTech never wants its players to forget its past. Sweet Party is another offering that recalls a bit of childhood nostalgia ‒ the recollection of being young and carefree and without worries that the delicious candy treats were rotting your teeth.

Regardless of the era you’ve grown up in, candy has been a part of our life. The tasty goodness of the assorted sugar-filled sweets was all that a child needed to get going and be filled with energy, much to the parents’ dismay.

Sweet party online slots are an addition to PlayTech’s classic gaming arsenal. This simple design and no-nonsense approach to slots should be a comfort to those wishing to take a break from the technological video game style slots. Sweet Party is simple pleasure. First, feast your eyes on almost elementary graphics that portray a gumball machine. Inside you will find striped-minty delights, jaw breakers gummies, lemony treats, and jelly beans. Lollipops with striped sticks stand tall on either side of the machine-like towers. I know you can’t wait to indulge, so let’s go.

How to play
At first glance you see the standard five-reel design. Then your eyes take in the five rows and your win fantasy takes over. But if this is your first visit to this game, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Sweet Party is not the run-of-the-mill slot. On this offering, there are absolutely no paylines. That’s right, none. Now many might turn and abandon ship at this time, but that would be a mistake. Why? Because winning opportunities abound.

Winning icons will provide wins in all directions, save horizontally. And with more matches displayed, the more money you can win. All you need to get the winning combinations started are five symbols that match and are beside each other. Once they match with these minimum requirements, they explode and are replaced by others to offer even more chances to win.

Candy Explosion
When these matching candies explode and are replaced, they open the multiplying feature of the game. This component can reward you 20, even 30 times your wager. The grandest of these multipliers will reach 5000x. Not many slots can claim that.

But that’s not all. There is a progressive aspect that makes Sweet Party slots even tastier. Entrance into this jackpot takes eight matching striped mints, side by side images.

Betting Options
With most online slots, you have to bet on each line of pay. The difference with Sweet Party is you have only one wager to place for each spin. Also available are bets of one pound, two pounds and five pounds – and a jackpot percentage is rewarded in ten, twenty or fifty percent increments, respective to your risk.

PlayTech keeps it simple mentally with Sweet Party slots, which should be added to everyone’s slot list. Don’t miss out because it seems too plain. To miss out on this game’s big wins and a progressive jackpot would be a shame.

Sunset Beach online slots – A beach break that pays

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For 17 years, the developers at PlayTech have been providing online slot platforms, growing into a company that understands how to keep gamers interested and engaged. This becomes obvious upon fixating your eyes on the vivid, colourful screen of Sunset Beach slots.

The explosion of colour and graphics are appealing. The theme is a serene beach with cascading waves, rolling onto a sandy beach. An endless sky touching the sea.

The reel design is mouth-watering as well. Your imagination begins to run wild with this five-column scheme times four, equalling twenty reels. This gives players a total of 80 payout line opportunities.

How to play
Wilds and Scatter
Upon the reels you will find three babes in bikinis that signify the wilds. The quadrants work in one accord though, as the wilds are extended to the five reels. Where the wild presents itself determines the amount of combinations available. The second, third and fourth reels are where these lovely ladies must appear, and when this happens, they extend down the entire three rows. This can be explained by the order of the separate quads and which five reels the wild appears.

The four different reels are ordered from top to bottom and left to right. So, if the wild appears on the first of the five reels located at the top right, it can extend to the remaining three. But if the wild is displayed on the bottom right, or the last reel, it cannot expand to the others.

The surfer girl represents the scatter feature. This symbol offers a multiplier that begins at 10x the win combination to 150x. This amount is determined by how many times she appears across the display, ranging from three to five times.

Online slots could never be complete without free games. The symbol is a tropic sunset between two palm trees. When the third reel is graced with this icon, it activates the scatter on all four boards of reels. The reward is fifteen spins on all of the twenty reels. If during this span of gratis games, the scatter icon appears again anywhere on the entire display, two more games will be granted. This continues each time it appears.

Betting Options
The beginning wager is 80, based on the 80 lines of pay. The amount needed to bet on each line starts at only one pence and is maxed out at 25 pounds. Autoplay is another feature, as well as the turbo function to provide non-stop action. Just press the button and let the games begin. The maximum bid per game is 2000 pounds and the largest pot to be won is 3000 pounds.

Sunset Beach online slot entices with so many win opportunities. It is a game for those just wanting slot entertainment or for the avid gamer taking greater risks and seeking bigger wins. This is one slot that you will always return to.